Saturday, October 1, 2022

Nightime Siege on the Great Coloniale

An unexpected ride in the middle of a night set rotation where so far I have only worked four hours. Some extreme drama as one might say its happening which is keeping my attention elsewhere. 

On the good side of things a bike ride emerged. Yes it was local and barely creeped over ten kilometres but it was still a bike ride damnit.

I was in the dark streets wearing black with black shorts and black helmet to top it off. 

God I am an idiot.

So I stayed on the back paths and side streets riding in what I called 'ultra defensive maneuver' when on a road and hugging the curb where normally I stick out a little bit. Parked cars were passed with a backside check as I was still wearing headphones listening to my lady Lana. 

Yes I know… Literal all black except for my chump white skin and now you all know, headphones to block out the sound of oncoming vehicles. 

Oh Lord. Award me a Darwin Award right now. 

The badassery moment of the short 35 minute ride? Was finally invading Beaumont's finest golf course the great Coliniale. The jewel of Beaumont. For years their signs alongside a road I frequent have 'No Trespassing' on them. The most annoying sign that makes me want to trespass anywhere is when one puts 'Smile, you're on camera' signs up. 

So I trespassed through Coloniale Golf course in the dark on my bike. 

Ya.. you think William Wallace was a badass?  

I followed the fence until there was none and entered the great Coloniale golf course on its service roads  and rolled through in defiance of their great laws. I exited swiftly into Coloniale Estates sans security fencing quickly wondering about the lack of fencing and security and remembered.

Oh yes Beaumont.

I guess that is a good thing. 

So anyways, it was kind of a bleh ride in the end but had its cool but sadly unmemorable moments. 

aka, enter for the best part of your short night ride, it was pretty great 

the best damn area in the beau for the current lonebiker for fun on a bike. a high speed run through the sobeys parking lot and then zip up the little hill. hell yes beaumont, hell yes. 

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