Sunday, February 11, 2024

Old Crappy M.E.C Gloves Meet Ft. Sk Singletrack

Never had gloves been such a factor on a ride until today when I resorted to an old pair of Mountain Equipment Co-op gloves that I used to complain on here a lot about back in the day. It was those same gloves that tried ruining the day until I found a sharp edge to rip the lining out. 

The lining was heavy and it was not sewn into the glove so when you pulled your hand out the lining sometimes came with it making. it an absolute nightmare to try and relocate the fingers to the hard shell as it was so thick. The pinky was stuck today and I could not find anything to cut it until I came across a badly ridden steel tube that cut my lining and I used the hardshell as I was just gloveless prior to that cause it was so warm.

I don't think the window is big for decent fat biking this season.

Today it was some pretty loose snow that made life annoying on the short power climbs. It was awkward walks up steep hills while pushing a monster biker. Later on in the day I felt the soreness on the super bowl halftime dog walk. 

So how about that game? the lonebiker beer gods were close now weren't they.. Whatever…. 

Like I said. Loose snow. I got annoyed and pulled the eject button at the halfway return point and rode the paved home…

Yes I know. Might as well just go and buy an e-bike now. 

with my teeth almost ripped out, blood rippling down my jowls i claimed defeat

a poorly welded metal pole was the answer, i was now extremity free

the ride coming up? not bad, loose snow got me in the end 


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