Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hunting vs Biking part 3 . Equipment

O.k , o.k , it`s been a while since the last hunting vs biking installment . My main problem has been part 3 . How the hell do I really write about the differences about the equipment when it is so blatantly obvious . One is for getting outside and killing stuff , where the other is more of an exercise , although I don`t look at riding that way .

a high end bowtech bow

So here I go trying to compare "the goods" when I realized bikers and hunters are very similar that way in that we all are a little obsessed with the equipment we use and at times will spend lots of money to obtain that high end deer urine , or in my case a carbon stem .

industry 9 wheels ...........bling bling

As I said in the opening of this short little comparison "you can`t compare " and that`s just it . I think I wasted some time here posting this , but earlier I said I would post this so I did and make the two people who look at this site satisfied (hi Sheri , mom) . I think I should have gone riding tonight but felt the pressure from headquarters in beautiful downtown Chicago to get this done (those executives are real hard asses) I will leave you with links to the two previous hunting vs biking posts because I feel that this one stinks . In the next and last hunting vs biking post I take a trip back to grade 9 and post up pictures of girls Yeahhhhh !
Part 2

a common hunter at the end of a very long hunt

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