Friday, June 3, 2011

Beer Friday. Fullers Organic Honey Dew (round two)

I feared this may happen one day. A beer review repeat. I was not the one who picked up the beer for tonight's grand review and I assure you the person responsible will be dealt with harshly! So be that as I seemed to have been down with a sickness that prohibited me from enjoying the true taste of this beer in my earlier review, now I feel I can deliver a true beer review that may eventually make or break this fine English brewery`s fortune as I like to think I`m that powerful.

Isn`t it nice to see that I finally learned to put all my punctuations in the right place? We call that growing pains! What`s that? I was in my thirties when I wrote that and I should at least know a thing or two about basic writing skills?  I think you should mind your own business and get bent, that`s what I think   ! (see what I did there? I`m hilarious)

I`m not going to divulge too much into this brewery`s rich history as I did touch on that a little bit in the previous review. I`d rather just get into the tasting. I chose not to pour this as my runner who picked up this beer came back quite late, and I really don`t feel like doing this right now after a night chasing kids in a public pool! Again I am angered at the atrocities that transpired in this here beer review! The taste did help change my foul mood as this is quite satisfying. The honey is noticeable and adds to "the
orgasmic entities" that have enveloped my lucky mouth. Each sip got better and better. No bad aftertaste or just plain "bad taste"that ruins so many beers.

This was the perfect thing after an active night...

This beer gets 4.5 suds out of 5 (my! what an improvement!)

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