Monday, January 10, 2022

Worst Rides of 21

Here they are... The losers in order from five to number one. 

#5 No Explanation Needed, I'm Just Lazy

Link Here These Wednesday last day off rides could be the main theme here. Especially the ones transitioning to days. Uninspired with absolute no desire? Yes and this was the end result. I think climbing that hill in the top picture was a great accomplishment for the day. 

#4 Reserved For Top 5 Worst Rides of 21

Link Here Just nothing to give on a very overly busy day in the valley. I mean stupid busy all thanks to Covid and people being scared to go to malls or Costco. I also see I have very little respect for humanity which ultimately makes me look like a dickhead. I blame the frustration of the covid thing which turned the forests into malls on nice days. 

#3 Sugar Snow Blues

Click Here More of a recent one and a time that I was not ready for Winter, as always I am grumpy again. I assume cause I am in kind of a fowl mood from the crap ride, usually when these are written up. Interested too see how grumpy I am in top 5 rides...Too think of how tame Winter was then compared to now (the time of writing). sigh... 

#2 Common Spins

Click Here Knowing you are missing something big usually is a good ride killer. I was positive my phone was in the Jeep but there was always that chance it is sitting outside somewhere. Plus night shift recovery was killing me, not cool and all too common. Oh hey! Maybe that's why I'm grumpy!

#1 The Walk of Shame

Click Here Humanity galore on a sweaty gross day in the middle of a never-ending pandemic. The topper was having a flat tire and no backup tube and walking back. Yes, there is grumpiness galore! But I mean... It was warranted. Right? The walk back was terrible.

Beer Friday. 88 Brewing, Total Eclipse Black pilsner

 Ugh... this beer will be a sweet relief after a rather lame day all thanks to the annual Doctor's visit. After the Doctors I was on the...