Thursday, January 12, 2023

Top Rides of 2022

It was kind of hard to pick a true top five because I had some pretty top notch rides throughout the year.  It was a short span though, pretty much from June to October with no Winter rides making the cut. 

 #5. June in Berta

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One of the most insane storms that I have ever got caught in close to Concordia University. The clouds were out in the beginning but I had greatly misjudged them . Sewers were shooting up water. Cars had just stopped driving in the middle of the street. The hail hurt and was relentless as I tried to find shelter after climbing out of the ravine. 

#4 September The Great

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Just an all around great ride where everything came together quite well kind of unsuspectedly on a route that is heavily ridden. 

#3 Science Park Redemption

I never liked this part of the valley and this ride it totally kicked ass. The creepy old men were there sitting in their vehicles again and I believe once they all finally leave the Science park will one no more.

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#2 The Murder Tree Diaries

All amazing on an amazing bike. Everything just came together perfectly here. on a night shift tun=rn around yet! Say whaaat?

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#1 Rainy Day Exploring

This was the one. I think this one tops last years ride of the year too. I have fears of turning into a full time gravel rider as I get older and older and these are the rides that will do it. The weather was terrible but I finally rode to Fort Saskatchewan from the valley and it was quite memorable. 

Toe Dabbing in the Fort SK

 A rather poor attempt at ruling the roost today in Fort Saskatchewan as I was off my game and misjudging rooty climbs followed by immediate...