Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Riding. Mill creek- Capilano (outskirts)

on the north side things are getting dry...........giggidy !

To finish off March I went trail hunting and found that there is quite a bit of dry places to run er , ride . The one problem is they arn`t quite ready yet as alot of shaded corners are still quite slushy . By Friday things should be better with warm temperatures and hopefully lot`s of wind to dry things up. I`m hoping to pull out the Moots and get a good long ride in on Friday . Yes , that will be better than Christmas ! I can`t wait !

mmmmmm Moots !

Monday, March 29, 2010

Music Monday

Stay tuned for six minutes and five seconds of absolute pure awesomeness

Riding . A wee bit of climbing

It was a fine Monday night for a bike ride ! Slowly but surely , the valley is melting and exposing more trail everyday . I rode from the usual spot to the LRT bridge and climbed a few times . I could not believe the amount of people running up the stairs up to Ezio Farone park . It looked funny , I was going to get a picture for this site but would have probably looked like a creepy bearded pervert with a camera .

more of the good stuff is on it`s way kids ...............stay tuned

Other than climbing , and wondering how all those people could navigate those stairs at once I had a serious desire to ride the Moots again . It`s been way too long and I`m starting to have some serious withdrawals .

this was the lake picture I posted a while back (March6)
looks like we have progress

Saturday, March 27, 2010


It`s been a little while but my "epic" Saturdays have once again returned . A good reason not to work and an exceptional reason not to hang out in lameass places like Costco or Wal Mart where it seems the masses go and rub shoulders with each other for an afternoon . Thankfully I have an awesome wife who would rather see me ride then hang out shopping for a day.

a common scene at the top of Grierson hill

Today`s ride started in the usual Mill creek and took me on the snowy , wet , icy south side of the river to Strathcona Science Park . A quick look at the trails there and I rode up to the CN rail bridge and took some pictures . Heading back on the North side where the paved trails are always drier this time of year , I decided to head up to Rexall place to give" Wayne" a high five .

science park

I made "ring the horn" motions , sadly to no avail......Jerks

It`s safe to say that the trails are not ready . I did see some guys riding on them and though , I guess you can`t blame them . A nice day like this it would be tempting , I get quite grumpy when I see the damage caused by these guys later on but do know there is nothing anyone can really do about guys running on wet muddy trails (it will never end). Plus there are worst things going on .

Gretzky drive below

It was a fantastic ride today . I was a bit scared to head out with the current allergy condition but I took off my panties and got out there . The ride was long and leg numbing , the numbers on the gps prove it . I love longass Saturday rides . I don`t think there is anything better , except being in the mountains and having days like this .

"the great one " taking a break with the Gretzky statue

Fantastic stats from today`s ride

Number of homeless people yelling something at me - 1
Number of dogs who chased me -2
Number of river crossings -8
Number of potty breaks - 3 ( a record low)
Number of times I thought about Obama and the current world situation-2
Number of pretty joggers - 5 (yes I counted I`m that pathetic , hi Sheri)
Number of times I wish I was at the home & garden show -0
Number of photo breaks - 15
Number of near wipeouts -1

So Saturday season is upon us , I hope nothing stands in my way this year (stupid work) and I have plenty more of them . Yes it will be alot better when things are dry and I can ride the Moots or the new and improved Mojo on bitchin trails .........aaaaaah Saturdays !

some destruction on Jasper avenue

"time to head home" 52 km on the gps under the lrt bridge

my beat up drive train at the end (this is why I don`t ride the Moots now)

Friday, March 26, 2010

A sad day for the beer public

The wonderful allergy season has wound up and bitch slapped me again quite hard . So to be fair to the brewers I am throwing in the towel ........but who knows . Maybe tomorrow night !

you probably feel sad now , and that`s o.k . I will
be back soon with another stunning beer review .
I recommend sitting under a tree and contemplating
life until I return with more frothy goodness .

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Riding . Mill creek - Wannabe climbing central

more good quality River Valley trail side graffiti , they didn`t
hit "spell check" how embarrassing for them !

A rather lame attempt at riding as work has been ruining my life (and I can say that because I missed out on two rides this week) . Nothing too special about tonight other than a few too many hill climbs and a drunk kid trying to escape from the Police in hancuffs .........That will be classic !

Monday, March 22, 2010

Music Monday

Rest in peace Jerry Garcia ya old hippie

Good stuff for the trails.............good stuff

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Riding . Millcreek-Mckinnon

hooray ............hooray for dirt !

I thought I would suck it up this morning and take the bike out , the first little while was tough but all the allergy drama subsided and I was feeling like a biker again . I took it very easy though and avoided climbing as much as I could . I did try to hammer it out on all the flats and felt like I was clipping pretty good when I was passed by a roadie ........sigh , I think I still want a road bike .

weird things happen in these bushes , that`s all I`m gonna say

someone needs a new nanny

Saturday, March 20, 2010

In search of Tatonka

When one is suffering from really bad allergies the best thing to do is head outdoors in the trees as you are telling the allergies that you are too tough for them and they will eventually get scared and go away cause you are so tough right ? Well that was today`s plan and it went smooth .

I stayed off the bike as I felt like a bag of ass again this morning and took my lovely younger Daughter to the land of Tatonka (that`s Bison for all you non Indians out there) . An afternoon at Elk Island Park on a fine day .....Ahhhhhhh , what could be better ?.......... Riding ! .....Shut up ! I was with my daughter !

when one forgets bear spray , make sure you have webkins

..........why are you always taking pictures ?

Elk Island is quite close to our little city and I recommend going there as it is well worth the trip (well, my daughter didn`t think so) In the summer there is alot more to do with kids and I can understand why one may get bored now .

I hope to head out there again and do some long walks in the bush and play with my GPS . Hopefully I`ll get to see some animals next time . Maybe Juliana scared them off with her incessant nattering .......I love her though ........Really !

the theme of the day was finding animal tracks

I found tracks of a different nature

Amisk Wuche trail

more Amisk Wuche

a bug screen and a frozen pond

afterwards a fire and a serious chat about which is better
Nintendo DS or Moots bicycles.............things got heated

Friday, March 19, 2010

Beer Friday . Bow Valley Lager

A local brew ......Well sort of . From Calgary , home of the Godless flames , Stampeders and way to many cowboys . The makers of this one were bought out by Big Rock who are still proudly brewing it . As I searched for a beer review candidate tonight this little gem caught my eye and it was all in the name . You see there is a trail in Banff named the Bow Valley Bomber which is quite boring compared to some of the other trails in that area , but I would give up my left and half my right testicle to ride that stuff right now ...........Yes , springtime allergy season has been a killer this year .

The pour ......... Yes I did the pro thing and poured this one into a glass and it poured just fine , in the end there was a two finger head that dissolved quickly . The color was clear much like what you would get with Budweiser . First sips were good and so were the last . I would recommend this to you if you are out and about in a beer store looking for something that ales you .........Ha Ha Ha

This beer gets 3.4 suds out of 5

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bike Lust . Yeti 575

As I sit at home patiently waiting for my allergy medication to kick in I am looking on the Internet looking at some fine bike porn . Low and behold what do I find ? Yeti ! This bike company is conveniently located in Golden Colorado and have been making frames since 1985 . High quality frames that is ! I remember the good old days when names like John Tomac , Julie Furtado , Miles Rockwell and of course Missy Giove aka "piranha girl" were riding these sweet bikes . I have always had burning loins for the "Yeti ARC " their hardtail . A bike I will feature in a future Bike lust .

I had to go with this one first because of it`s huge popularity . When I was in the Junction/Fruita region last year these bikes were everywhere ! Which told me in a place like this these bikes have gotta kick some serious trail ass (how cheesy am I ? seriously .......I am so lame sometimes) . It does tell you that the frames are pretty damn good ............And damn good they are . With five and three quarters of suspension hence......... 575 , this is a bike that could pretty much do all , which would explain the popularity in the tough regions it is called for . You could get this frame in full carbon , or with a carbon swingarm . If carbon scares you they do offer a full aluminum frame .

This is easily a bike I could see myself riding and with a sub 6 pound frame you could get this bike at around 25 pounds ........For almost six inches of travel ! Yes I know , that almost seems like a standard thing now days with high end frames but there is something special about Yeti bicycles . Maybe it`s their history .

oh dear , how sexy is this , oh baby you are so fine !

Monday, March 15, 2010

Music Monday

A band from the great city of Seattle that was formed during the grunge movement .
They broke up in 97 and some members are in the Foo Fighters now .

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Riding . Millcreek-Beverly/Capilano

on the way back home.............I took a picture

First ride on the upgraded Stumpy and I cannot believe the difference in the brakes ! To think I wasn`t going to put them on there . That makes me excited for the Hope brakes I`m waiting for the Mojo . Talked to the guys at the shop and my wheels have been shipped from Carolina , so in a couple of weeks the Mojo will get sexed up nicely !

Didn`t feel like sticking around and climbing hills all day so I rode the North side of the river to Beverly crossed into Capilano and took the snowy side of the river home . I saw some guys riding some pretty nice bikes out there today and I cringed when I thought about all the wet sand and gravel going into their expensive drivetrains , but then realized that they are riding mountain bikes and I can be somewhat of a narcissistic douche pouch at times ........he he he

As I said before , the bike feels great with the brakes and nicer wheels . It is going to make me think twice about selling it soon .....But yet Blizzard ......Blizzard ! I`ve always wanted a Blizzard ! Anyone want to buy a Stumpjumper ?

the bridge that flung me across the river for my return in the snow

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Upgrades on the Stumpy

Stage 2 of the great upgrade of two ten has taken place a little early rendering me from todays bike ride . I put the Mojo wheels and brakes on the Stumpjumper thus giving it some much needed upgrades . What was funny was taking the winter warrior into the shop only to have some of the staff members make fun of me for riding a Specialized ...........I went home and cried for a few hours and had to watch "She`s Having A Baby" again with the Moots just to make myself feel better .

the winter beater in all it`s new found glory

In case you haven`t noticed , I`ve gathered all the beer reviews and loaded them up on one site , I`ve also shaved down the links .

One day I will be this guy ...........One day

Friday, March 12, 2010

Beer Friday . Steam Whistle

Ahhhh Friday night beer review ! Is there anything better ? No I answer you ! absolutely not ! I am hoping to have all the beer reviews compiled down into one sweet little link (maybe I`ll work on that tomorrow)

A fine young lad by the name of Omar (name hidden to protect identity) has been harassing me for some time now of the beauty of Steam Whistle and how I should review it . I could not find the stuff for the longest time and alas it was in my own backyard . Steam Whistle is brewed in Toronto .......Ewwww , Toronto , say no more . Those people are assholes ! Oh no , just kidding ! It`s an Albertan thing , you know to hate everything east and west of us . From what the map shows the brewery is very close to the Sky dome and the Cn tower . So in an afternoon you could go watch a Blue Jays game , take a ride up the tower and then go get smashed at the brewery ......There is a tear welling up in my eye as I hum Oh Canada .

The beer comes in green bottles which is pretty cool yet plays games with your taste buds a little as it looks like you are drinking water . After a few sips it goes away and you are left with a pleasant tasting brew . I didn`t pour this into any glass as I was enjoying the look of the bottle too much . As I just said , Steam Whistle is a good decent beer . Now comparing it to some of the smash hits I`ve had on here it would be hard to put this brew in the same category as some of the lonebiker heavyweights .

I give this beer 3.2 suds out of 5

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Broken Spokes & Juvenile Douchebaggery

Looks like my wheels are finally toast . I may pay tribute to them in a future post as they have carried me over lots and lots of terrain . It started last year when 3 spokes broke suddenly and when I had them repaired they said it won`t last long as they have more miles on them than Britney spears vagina .

I noticed one was broke taking the bike off the car , I then checked for more and thought I was good to go , by the time I got to the pedestrian bridge I hopped off and checked again . Now two were broke , so I took pictures ........who wouldn`t ? I did one more climb and then headed home .

By rides end there were three spoke broken with more loose ones . I now look incredibly smart as the new wheels for the Mojo will be in soon and I can transfer the old Mojo wheels over to the Stumpjumper . Ahhhhhh , I`m a pure genious (I spelled that wrong for your amusement o.k , piss off !

..................little bastards

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Riding . Mill Creek -Climbing central

 A rather chilly night in the river valley which called for real slippery sections that I almost biffed on a few times . My big question is "do I still head out tomorrow ?"

This one was pretty much the same as last Sunday except I included a picture . No I didn`t get close to 2000ft elevation but 1500 wasn`t too bad considering work and all . I think I`m going to start searching for climbing averages on the internet as I am curious on where I stand. I feel that I`m not really climbing that high . If anyone reading this has an average rate of climb for a typical bike ride please email me or pm me on the message boards . Yes I removed the "comments" on here if you haven`t noticed somebody`s Mom kept writing stuff  and brother`s and sisters ......that shit`s embarrassing !

                     a picture for you from tonight`s potty break

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Biking vs Hunting ....... The end

I am finally just going to end this , I know I had promised to put up a comparison between the women but realized that it would just be plain rude as girls who ride bikes are much much hotter (it`s true) . I knew posting that could cause strife and would not want that ......Besides hunters are people too (even though they smell like deer urine) .

So in the end we at lonebiker headquarters (located in beautiful Champaign Illinois) have declared biking the winner . So to celebrate our great victory I`m heading out in my spandex bike bibs with a bottle of Big Bear malt liquor while smoking a cigar and moon the neighbors .
                                       yeaaahhhhhh .................we rule !

The complete series is down below . we are working with James Earl Jones to do a book on c.d for the series which will hopefully be out in the coming months . Look for it on Itunes as well .

Biking vs Hunting part 1.

Biking vs Hunting part 2

Biking vs Hunting part 3

Monday, March 8, 2010

Music Monday

These lads are from Scotland baby !

>>>>>Turn this one up loud<<<<<<<<<<

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Riding. Millcreek - climbing central

My goal for this mornings ride was to hit the 2000 ft mark in climbing elevation today . On my drive out to the trail head there was much trepidation on the thought of achieving my goal . Last nights ride had left me a little sore so I wasn`t feeling too great . 2000 feet isn`t too high though so I knew it was doable . I parked in Millcreek and rode out to Cloverdale and took advantage of all the hills climbing out of the valley . First , Forest Heights a few times , then across the river and climbed up to the top of the valley a few times , I then headed over to Conners hill and rode up that countless times checking my gps to see how close I was to my goal .

Oddly enough I felt stronger as I went on . If I didn`t have a date with my wife (that I was already late for) I would have stayed to see how high I could get before my legs said "stop". I was hoping to post my gps results on here of the climbing and descending from today but the gps and the computer were fighting for some reason .

What you would think would be a boring ride was awesome . Climbing has always been fun (no I`m not nuts..........well maybe if you look at previous posts) I love climbing , it is even better when it is challenging with roots and rocks making it technical , that`s coming soon !

In the end I ended up hitting 2271 feet .

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Trying to embrace the night

With spring rapidly approaching I decided to head out in the dusk to ride into the night as night rides are quickly disappearing unless I wanted to stay up pretty late . I also love coming home in the dark , there`s just something special about it .

a damn fine time to go for a bike ride I`d say

I parked at my usual spot in Millcreek and started the journey into the valley . I had planned on riding into the Strathcona park area (not science park) but within a half hour into the ride my feet were soaked and I knew I wouldn`t make it that far . Reading the paper this morning they said rangers are not recommending hanging out in Mill Creek so I dropped down into the Creek area and saw the usual flooding that occurs this time of year and they were right . Be careful out there kids !

what once was a trail is now a lake

I packed the nice camera for tonight and parked the Stumpy everywhere and took lot`s of pictures , it gets frustrating with the camera sometimes as my amateur camera skills are in serious need of a course . By night`s end , I ended up with some o.k pictures .

and the city shuts down for another night

Getting home tonight was tough as my feet started to get real cold from being wet , I made it as far as Wayne Gretzky bridge took some pictures than started for home . I`m hoping I will get a few night rides in before the sun stays up too late . Tonight was good .......Real good !

Wayne Gretzky bridge

Friday, March 5, 2010

Beer Friday . Thirsty Beaver Amber Ale

How Canadian is this ? Why did I not review this one last week ? I`ll tell you why , cause the lonebiker empire does not give into peer pressure . when everyone is proud to be Canadian I swung a different way baby ....... Well , this review is trashed already by my somewhat poignant views on how to be cool .....Lordy Lordy

So on to the beer . From Kelowna (I hear there`s biking there) Tree brewing offers us Thirsty Beaver Amber Ale . Offered as a medium bodied ale there isn`t much said about it on their website . I haven`t heard much about Tree brewing before but when you see a beaver drinking a beer the size of him you know you have to have it .

The pour went well with a head staying with it for quite some time , the beer had a darker texture to it . The taste was fine with me but was nothing to get excited about . I didn`t like the aftertaste that lingered in my mouth for some time , the only way to get rid of that was to have another sip but then came that damn aftertaste again ...........damn .

This beer gets 2.3 suds out of 5 )

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Riding . Millcreek-Nowhere special

March sucks .....Yes indeed it does . This is the worst time of year to ride a bike . Yet we go because were too excited about the weather and the melting snow . The trails are hard to navigate in the slushy snow , your drive train dies a little each time you ride in it , and spring riding can be very messy , yet in the end you feel just peachy .

People were quite grumpy tonight , bikes still don`t get much respect by most people . Three separate incidents put me in a rather foul mood , a cab driver downtown , some friendly yuppy trail runners , and another jackass in a car put me in a rather foul mood . Oh well , I was riding they weren`t ....... Douchebags .

.............for now , wet, gross, sloppy pavement

...........ewok will have to wait

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Look out ladies !

The annual beard growing tradition has begun ! The razors will be put away until the trails are nice and dry and most importantly "rid of snow". This does cause a problem as women from all over flock towards me cause lets face it ......Facial hair is where it`s at ! The more the better .

So once again I will have to break many hearts cause I`m sorry ladies. I`m a one woman man .

the man...........the legend . circa spring 2009

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Riding . Terwilliger

will I miss the snow ?

Off to the Land of the dog for some after work hill climbing and some trail riding on a perfect March evening . The temps were a little cooler today which made the trails great for riding on . Aside from a few skid outs where the rear tire sunk in the snow , it was great .

The sunset tonight was simply amazing and watching it through the trees as I rode through them was something I will remember for a long long long time ........Ahhhh riding ! Is there anything better ?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Music Monday

From Minneapolis I give you Dessa .

One of those songs I can`t stop listening to . My night ride home last Saturday was pretty cool when listening to this on the headphones

The Winds Blow in Alberta This Time of Year

Alberta is windy as fuck in April. yourself may have complained about the insane wind we have been having lately. I have spouted...